Natural Language Processing (NLP)

With specialized expertise on critical functions like Speech recognition, natural language generation and understanding ZeoMinds is effectively benefitting customers worldwide. Integrating technology and man's natural language, ZeoMinds expertises in NLP, with minute focus on each element like speech recognition, parsing, lemmatization, grammar induction, word segmentation and terminologies.

Computer Vision & Pattern Recognition

Computer Vision emulates human vision to certain extent by processing algorithms and performs tasks like Object Recognition, Segmentation, Vision based learning or Automatic Driving, whereas Pattern Recognition uses Machine Learning algorithms to classify and extract features from an image or data.

Machine Learning (ML)

Machine Learning is application of Artificial Intelligence on systems to make them capable of learning and automation without explicit programming. It uses data models, data sets, feature extraction techniques and algorithms to implement automation extensively in healthcare, banking, ecommerce, finance, computational biology and many other sectors.

Research & Development

We work on various in-house research and development projects. We try to push the boundary of innovation and technology to come up with new algorithms and techniques to help our client needs.


We provide consultancy in our core areas of finance, climate and IOT. We also advice our clients in their big data, machine learning, computer vision and automation needs.