Docnizer brings in an all-around solution to manual data extraction and reconciliation. A perfect tool to augment the power of Artificial intelligence which helps in minimizing the manual intervention and increase the productivity and accuracy of data driven business processes. Docnizer extracts data from different types of input sources like PDF, scanned documents, JPG and any other format. Automation is not the sole purpose of Docnizer.

It is focused on minimizing the manual intervention to prevent any errors. With ready to use layouts for the common data formats, the business data from the documents is extracted with almost 0% effort without compromising the quality. This is the first of its kind of product developed in AI where a machine identifies the required fields by itself through scanning the documents. Right from data importing, extraction to the refinement of the data extracted, the process takes a few minutes for a normal document. Irrespective of the size or volume of data, the accuracy and speed of  Docnizer is never compromised.

Why Docnizer?

Docnizer Applications

As Dociner is combination optical character recognition (ocr) and named entity recognition, and the kind of documents that are processing nowadays are unlimited. Currency functionally of docnizer can used for the document given below: