Data driven company

Artificial Intelligence & Process Automation

Zeominds is a Data driven company with expertise in building products, solutions in the area of Artificial Intelligence, BIG Data and Cloud Technologies. Zeominds can help you in resolving the complex problems and enable rapid technology transformations. Our experts can help you in building products and solutions, automate the processes to eliminate the redundancies and the associated cost, detect frauds, perform predictive analytics in health care, retail, manufacturing and Banking sectors.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Zeominds specializes in developing critical functions like Speech recognition, natural language generation, ZeoMinds is effectively benefitting customers worldwide. ZeoMinds expertises in Integrating technology and man's natural language with minute focus on each element like speech recognition, parsing, lemmatization, grammar induction, word segmentation and terminologies.

Computer Vision & Pattern Recognition

Zeominds expertise in Computer Vision and Pattern recognition helps in building the robust solutions related to object detection, emotional and behaviour analysis. Apart from that we help building solutions related to document processing, vision based learning and self driving vehicles.

Machine Learning (ML)

Machine Learning is application of Artificial Intelligence on systems to make them capable of learning and automation without explicit programming. It uses data models, data sets, feature extraction techniques and algorithms to implement automation extensively in healthcare, banking, ecommerce, finance, computational biology and many other sectors.



Zeominds products has ability to solve real world problems.



With our expertise in various domains and technologies, Zeominds help organizations to achieve their Business Objectives through technology enabled solutions.

Industrial Predictive Maintenance and Analytics

Predictive Maintenance is becoming increasingly popular among industries like Aerospace, Power, Manufacturing & Engineering, by saving them from huge breakdown expenses and losses by analyzing operating-equipment conditions and their need for maintenance.

Docnizer AI Driven RPA Tool

Docnizer brings in an all-around solution to manual data extraction and reconciliation. A perfect tool to augment the power of Artificial intelligence which helps in minimizing the manual intervention and increase the productivity and accuracy of data driven business processes. Docnizer extracts data from different types of input sources like PDF, scanned documents, JPG and any other format. Automation is not the sole purpose of Docnizer.

Traffic Signal Control

Computer vision and object detection technology.

Voice Recognition

Understands human voice and convert audio file into text. Artificial Intelligence Companies offer the services of audio and video classification models that can also be used to label the semantic segmentation. Zeominds have designed the real-time speech to text transcription system and speech categorization platforms reinforced by the machine learning models.